2023/24 BUDGET

Jul 7, 2023

Like many school districts across Washington State, the West Valley School District is facing a reduction in state and federal funding for the 2023/24 school year. The goal of our Board of Directors is to have the administration develop a balanced budget that minimizes direct impact to the classroom.

The administration has developed a budget that will accomplish this goal.

Staffing for our elementary schools will continue to provide small class sizes. Academic interventions at the elementary level will continue to be funded with the remaining federal funds – the emergency relief “ESSER funds” – that have been supplied to address learning challenges due to the COVID pandemic. Aside from one vacant intervention teaching position at the Mid-Level Campus that will not be replaced, staffing for our secondary schools will be maintained so our schools can continue to provide outstanding academic programs and a wide variety of elective classes for our students.

Efficiencies in administration and support will be realized by not filling vacant positions, the elimination of some positions, and reassigning duties to existing staff. While administration and support duties are important for the school district, the goal with this budget is to minimize direct impact to the classroom and the 2023/24 budget accomplishes this goal.

It’s been said that a budget tells a story about your priorities. In West Valley, our priority is the classroom and the high-quality teaching and learning that students experience each day.

Dr. Peter Finch, Superintendent