"Rocc your Moccs" Outreach

Nov 22, 2023

"Rocc your Moccs" increases outreach for family engagement

Recently, the West Valley School District hosted an evening for the families of students who are Native American to listen to families, share information about programs that are currently available to assist students, and to gauge the interest of families on the District’s application for Title VI federal funds. The District does not receive Title VI funds, currently, but these funds could be used to provide additional funding to support students who are Native American. With the assistance of high school teacher, Shawn John, the evening was called, “Rocc your Moccs.”

The meeting began with a convening song and traditional dancing by students. The listening session was facilitated by Family Engagement Coordinator, Minerva Pardo. An overview of current programs was provided by Director of State and Federal Programs, Jerilyn Ashbaugh. These programs include Migrant Education, Title III, Transitional Bilingual Instructional Program, and McKinney-Vento. A guest speaker from the Educational Service District 105 provided information about how Migrant Education is applicable to any family who travels for agriculture or fishing. Rose George shared how her family travels for fishing, huckleberry picking, root digging, and reed collecting. Her family uses the reeds to weave traditional baskets. She explained that, currently, West Valley has almost 200 Native American students but not one family has indicated that they travel for agriculture or fishing. To receive additional services for their child, such as academic tutoring, these families should contact Jerilyn Ashbaugh.

Next in the meeting, Jerilyn Ashbaugh provided information to families about Title VI which is a federally-funded program to assist students who have at least one parent or grandparent who is an enrolled member of Native American tribe or band that is recognized by the federal government. The District will need at least 10 students registered for the program in order to qualify for this additional funding. Jerilyn asked parents to share this information with family and friends. If a family would like the District to apply for these funds, they should complete a registration form and return it to Jerilyn Ashbaugh. The use of the funds will be directed by an advisory group of Native American family members whose students qualify for the program.

Superintendent, Dr. Peter Finch, expressed gratitude for families who attended the meeting. He said that he listened and heard the input from families about improvements that could be made without additional funds, such as ensuring that curriculum is accurate and that all students feel welcomed in every classroom. He said that additional funding could support additional tutoring and activities for students, such as after school and evening events.

The evening ended with families and staff participating in a round dance together. After the meeting, many families turned-in completed forms that will assist the District to apply for Title VI funds. The District would like to thank families, administrative staff, and high school teacher, Shawn John, for a great evening of family engagement.