Watch this wonderful preview of the production Seussical the Musical!

Mar 3, 2023

Seussical the Musical is based on the works of Dr. Seuss. It is a new creation full-length book musical with a story which weaves multiple famous Dr. Seuss tales and characters throughout.

Seussical takes elements from 15 of his books as well as many of his most familiar characters. Through this musical, some of the characters whom have never met before will be introduced, maybe fall in love, and some may even save the world! The authors said, "Dr. Seuss believes in helping a friend, in not giving up, in keeping a promise. He believes in the value and dignity of others, in working to preserve the fragile sweetness of the natural world, and he believes that peace is the ultimate ideal, among nations and in every heart. He also believes in the pure power of the imagination. You will find all these serious concerns at the heart of "Seussical"."

Watch this amazing preview of Seussical the Musical, and be ready to be fully entertained during the show. Purchase tickets here.

Seussical the Musical TV Segment